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September 2015

Are Foods with GMOs Bad for Human Health?

The other day I was combing CNN for a political article for another class and I came across an article discussing the controversy over labeling foods that contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms). In full disclosure, I am woefully undereducated when it comes to GMOs. I know what they are and I know that there is some debate regarding their effects on human health, but I am not super familiar with the specifics surrounding the debate. Interested in learning a little more, I read through the article.  The gist of it was that there is a House bill that, if passed by the Senate, will prevent states from creating laws that mandate the labeling of foods containing GMOs.  The proposed bill has expectedly encountered plenty of opposition from people who believe that the public has a right to know which foods contain GMOs.

I looked up some more information and could not find a consensus as to whether GMO foods affect human health differently than non-GMO foods. Some sources quote scientists that profess that genetically-engineering foods does nothing to the foods that causes them to adversely affect people’s health.  Others contend that scientists really don’t know exactly what the impact of GMOs is, and that foods with GMOs should be labeled as such so that people can choose whether or not they want to take a health risk by buying a genetically-engineered food.

Personally, I could be extremely foolish, but I’ve never been overly concerned about contracting cancer or some other illness from consuming foods with GMOs. I don’t look for labels that tell me if a food contains GMOs and I don’t actively try to avoid buying foods with GMOs. Perhaps I should be more weary, however. After all, it couldn’t hurt to have a better understanding of the scientific research and public policies regarding the contents of the food I eat. Given the lack of consensus on the issue, it’s possible that doing more research might not help me form an opinion about genetically-engineered foods that I am 100% confident in. But again, it doesn’t hurt to get more information.


My Sickly Obsession with an Icy Delight

Warning: This post may make you salivate and then run to your nearest United Dairy Farmers.

Hello all and welcome to my blog!

So I’m sick. It’s the beginning of school and I’ve been sick for two weeks, another victim of the frenzy of viruses flying around campus. It started with a fever and continued with a relentless cough and a sore throat that makes swallowing a dreadful event. Aside from taking Tylenol around the clock to dull the soreness and achy feeling that’s taken over my body, one of the only things that brings me any relief is drinking cold beverages and eating soft, cold foods. My go-to staple has been ice cream. I can’t get enough of it. The taste is delicious and the soft texture combined with the cool temperature is a welcome relief to my sore throat and swollen glands as the ice cream glides across my tonsils when I take a bite. I’ve eaten more ice cream in the past week and a half than I’ve eaten in the past year. I was at first reluctant to indulge my desire for ice cream, as I had decided to try to stick to a healthy, well-rounded diet upon my return to school. Flash forward a few days of misery and non-stop coughing later and my reluctance was replaced with an eager embrace of my yummy, icy little friend. Since then I’ve relished in the company McFlurry’s, milkshakes, and Cookies N’ Cream from UDF.

I’m trying to wean myself though, since I know I can’t continue on this way forever. I usually try to eat relatively healthy, so I feel guilty that sweet treats have practically replaced a regular eating pattern of balanced meals. Hopefully it will get easier to revert to a more nutritious diet once my symptoms are alleviated.

I apologize if this post was a bit of a downer for my first post, but I promise I’m not just here to write about sniffling and eating ice cream, so stick with me!

Now you guys tell me: What’s your go-to sick food? Is it as innocent as chicken noodle soup, or something a little more sinister? (Don’t tell me that it’s broccoli, though. No one’s sick food is broccoli.)

Note: I was eating ice cream as I wrote this post. It was very delicious.

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