I am an admitted cereal lover. Cereal is a great breakfast option because it’s relatively inexpensive, can be eaten with or without milk, and  is filling enough to power you through your day until lunch. I’ve tried many cereals over the years, and as I’ve gotten older my preference in cereals has changed considerably. Gone are the days when Froot Loops and Cocoa Krispies were my favored choices.  These are the top 5 cereals I’m currently digging the most:

5. Special K Oats and Honey – Special K has a decent-quality selection of cereals that give you a good start to your day as a hearty breakfast. Oats and Honey and kind of a classic in my opinion and I think its flavor appeals to a large amount of people. It’s not bland like the Special K Original cereal, but I also doesn’t have a super strong taste and doesn’t contain anything like dried fruit or chocolate bits that might turn some people off. I personally feel like I’m getting a nice filling breakfast that will give me energy for the day ahead.

4. Cinnamon Toast Crunch – Okay, so I’m including this one on here for its addictive sugary qualities, but there’s a caveat – it’s loaded with so much sugar that eating too much can result in a sugar/sweetness overload.  I consider this more of a junk food than a healthful breakfast cereal, and as with many junk foods, eating too much of it can make you feel icky and like you need a nice salad or some “real food” (i.e., anything but junk food) to balance it out. I personally prefer this cereal dry instead of with milk because I find that it makes the milk just a little too sweet.

3. Special K Cinnamon Pecan – As the other Special K cereal to make the list, this one embodies some of the same qualities as the Special K Oats and Honey in that it is pretty filling and feels like a substantial breakfast.  However, the taste is obviously different. My favorite part of the Cinnamon Pecan cereal is the pecans because I LOVE pecans. I also think the cinnamon flavor combines really well with the taste of the pecans. However, my biggest complaint with this one is that it doesn’t contain nearly enough pecans so you’re not getting the right balance between the cinnamon corn flakes and the pecans. If they put more pecans in it, this cereal make have the makings to become a true star in the arena of breakfast foods.

2. Honey Nut Cheerios – A more flavorful spinoff of the classic Cheerios, this cereal has much more flavor than plain Cheerios and certainly delivers on the honey taste front. The box boasts that the cereal is good for your cholesterol and heart health, but truth be told I’m just in it for the pleasure.  This is hands-down one of the best cereals to eat with milk because it retains its crunchiness even while in the milk, meaning that you aren’t left with soggy Cheerios by the time you get to the bottom of the bowl. Fact: no one likes soggy Cheerios.

1. Golden Grahams – THE ULTIMATE CEREAL. It’s golden, it’s graham-y, it’s perfection. It’s not surprising that I love this cereal because I generally love all things graham cracker-flavored.  And you can’t find a better cereal to eat with milk. The graham flavor perfectly sweetens the milk and the combination of the slightly softened, yet still crunchy enough cereal pieces with the refreshing milk creates a satisfying taste.  Golden Grahams for the win.

What do you think of my list? What are your favorite cereals? Have any that you just absolutely hate?