Sure, I was a bit of a picky eater growing up, but I’ve come a long way from since my days of refusing to eat anything but chicken nuggets and bread.  Yet my favorite dishes are still pretty unadventurous.  I’ve been a huge fan of Chipotle since forever, but since I began working at a Chipotle this past summer I’ve grown to like it even more.  I prepare ingredients firsthand in the morning, so I know that the ingredients truly are fresh and the process of preparing them is clean and specific.  I work grill a lot, which means I cook the chicken, steak, etc.  I’ve also made the salsas, made guacamole, and shredded the cheese.  Employees are supposed to taste test the salsas when they are making them to make sure that they taste right.  I like doing the taste testing, but sometimes it gets a little old tasting the same foods.

However, I still love Chipotle and I eat it even when I’m not working a shift.  My usual order is a steak burrito bowl with white rice (my sister swears the brown rice and white rice taste the same, but the white rice definitely has more of a zesty flavor; I know I’m right because I’ve seen the citrus that is added to the white rice).  Since I started working there, I can always tell if they cooked the steak right when I order my burrito bowl.  I always cook it right, but sometimes people overcook it.  I love cheese so I always get that on top!  I always want to ask for extra cheese, but I’m trying to be healthier (what a struggle).  Beans aren’t my favorite, so I bypass those; my sister, on the other hand, gets BOTH kinds of beans (ew).  Another thing: I wish people would get the portions right.  Rice is supposed to be 4 ounces and people ALWAYS overportion it.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that everyone eat as much Chipotle as I do, and maybe I’ll get sick of it one day and won’t ever go back, but for now I’m pretty happy with my burrito bowl.