I’m not a big eater of organic foods. When I go to the grocery store, I pretty much always opt for the cheapest option, which usually isn’t organic food.  As far as this post is concerned, that was probably an advantage because I didn’t have any bias as to how organic foods should taste compared to non-organic.

I chose to do tomatoes because, well, they’re pretty cheap. I bought one organic and one non-organic. I noticed that they were around the same size, but the organic tomatoes in general at Kroger’s tended to be a little brighter in color, more of an orange-red color, than the redder non-organic ones. Otherwise, the appearance was pretty similar.  When I squeezed them, they had about the same level of softness.

The non-organic tomato tasted like pretty much any other non-organic tomato I’ve eaten plain: earthy, fresh, slightly acidic but more watery and bland than anything else.  The organic tomato, frankly, tasted about the same except that it was a little sweeter and a tiny bit less acidic.  The earthiness and watery-ness was still present and overall there wasn’t a particularly strong taste.  So the difference in taste was subtle, but there was a distinguishable difference.

I’d like to say that I’ll try more organic foods, but I’m not convinced on them yet.  For now I’ll probably stick with my non-organic foods.